Yoniverse Couples Intimacy Retreat

When things are going well in our relationship we feel full of energy, truly loved, understood and appreciated.

We’re savouring ever-deepening layers of delicious intimacy, orgasmic pleasure and epic sex that bring us a sense of aliveness and immense satisfaction in all areas of our lives.


However, as we all know, relationships are not exactly sunsets and rainbows all the time (kinda different to the movies, right?)

We can slip into patterns of relating where we don’t always see the best in each other and over time things become a bit less juicy than they were at the start.

Even when there’s so much love there, sometimes things in the sex and intimacy department can easily get a bit flat, or routine (or even non-existent!).



So, do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

  • You’re just not that connected lately, especially when it comes to sex and intimacy. It all seems too difficult and well, Netflix is easy!
  • You love each other deeply, but you struggle to prioritise space for your relationship amongst the hustle of your daily grind.
  • To be honest, intimate time together has felt a bit flat & uninspired for a while now. You’ve got your routine and you generally stick to it.
  • You already have great sex (or at least it seems like great sex) but you just know there’s more out there to discover and you’re excited to dive in!
  • You’ve been curious about ‘conscious sexuality’ for a while now, and you’re seeking a way to explore that in a safe space with your partner.

The Good News is…

We can definitely support you to bring more epic sex, deeper intimacy and mutual appreciation into your relationship. There are specific tools, approaches and practices that will support you to access this whenever you feel like – and we can share them with you!

We’ll create a space for you both to go deep together, without all the bazillion distractions of daily life. A place to explore the beautiful landscape of each others bodies in ways you never have before. To remember the reasons why you fell in love in the first place. To offer each other devotional rituals of blissful pleasure and relaxation.

What is Included in the Couples Retreat?

Private accommodation at Gymea Eco Retreat in the tropical hinterland of Byron Bay for 3 nights

  • Fully catered meals and delicious snacks throughout the retreat
  • 5 days of experienced facilitation with Karlyn and Elise
  • A series of guided intimate and sensual explorations with your partner
  • A 3 hour group session of breathwork with Karlyn- she will take you on a gentle yet powerful journey to discover the potential of your breath
  • 2 live demonstrations of Tantric Massage (one for women, one for men)
  • 2 guided sessions of giving or receiving Tantric Massage (with Yoni or Lingam massage)
  • 3 beautiful candle-lit evening rituals of deeper connection with your partner
  • A lushed up ‘nest’ space for you and your partner for the whole journey with everything provided (your own mattress, sheets, massage oils, etc)
  • Your own sensual boudoir box with toys to take home and continue playing with
  • 24 hour access to the beautiful magnesium pool
  • Access to the day spa on the last morning for a suuuuuper relaxing time
  • The support of experienced assistants throughout the retreat
  • Other awesome secret surprises…

4 nights of delicious intimacy, Tantric massage and sensual exploration

Wednesday 4th – Sunday 8th, May 2022

@ Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa

at the base of Mount Warning, inland from Byron Bay


$5490, Payment Plans available