Yoni Therapeutics ~ Holistic Pelvic Wellness

Practitioner Training


Coming 2025 :: Date TBC :: Please apply below

Are you feeling the call to be part of a revolution to support your community to return to the wisdom and intelligence of the body?

To return to the sanctuary of erotic expression…

To return to innocence as a vehicle of pleasure and safety…

Are you ready to take this journey yourself and be the change you wish to see in the world?

The Yoni Therapeutics Practitioner Training is a professional, certified 6 month course that offers an utterly transformational personal journey for participants. As a student of YTPT, you’ll be supported to cultivate a deep understanding and connection the wonders of the female yoni and pelvis, integrate wounds of the past, encouraged to step into sovereignty, discover your authentic erotic frequency and learn the skills to anchor positive change in our culture at its very core.

As we emerge from centuries of false and negative programming with regards to our bodies and our sexuality, we need high quality trainings such as YTPT to support our journey back to the power of our erotic innocence and to reclaim the knowledge, wisdom and potency of the Yoni and Pelvis. The truth is, as a collective, we are a powerhouse of vitality and our very foundations are life-force energy, containing creative and sexual elements. Much harm has been caused by the distortion of this truth. Now it’s time to return to this deep wisdom and bring it back to humanity.

YTPT will teach you how to take people on this journey and is one you’ll undertake yourself,

alongside other courageous souls.


This is a personal, professional and spiritual experience (without rigidity or dogma). It is in-depth.

To truly offer this work, for the training to be truly embodied, each student practitioner must have a lived experience of the work itself – through body, mind, heart and soul.

The learning offered in this training is far more vast and comprehensive than what could be gleaned from simply reading books or doing a short course.

A Yoni Therapeutics session is so much more than locating and activating the sexual anatomy of the female body. It’s a journey into the depths of being, to the very functionality of the human form and an essential step for anyone wishing to live an empowered, educated, pleasure-filled existence.

Pleasure is our birthright and healthy sexuality is a pillar of wellbeing.

The benefits of Yoni Therapeutics

  • Supports the letting go of shame and guilt around our body and sexuality
  • Supports the integration of wounding from boundary violation, birth or medical trauma
  • Connects participants with the wisdom and intelligence of the Yoni and pelvis, cultivating a sense of home-coming
  • Supports a strengthening of connection to the whole body, life-force energy and pleasure potential to see us through all phases – young adulthood, Motherhood, peri-to-post menopause
  • Womb Healing, including post hysterectomy
  • Experience sacred and devotional touch without an agenda or the need to give back
  • Releases tension held in the vagina and pelvis
  • Awakens and activates the erogenous zones, expanding pleasure and orgasmic potential
  • Helps to relax and resensitise the vulva and vagina

Vulnerability is a superpower. Compassion is a superpower.
Erotic Innocence is a superpower.

Sharing the benefits of Yoni Therapeutics

in a world where humanity is desperately seeking connection and wholeness.

Healing the world and changing culture one Yoni at a time.

What you will learn:

  • How to hold clients through the entire journey with the skills of gentleness, compassion and professionalism
  • How best to hold space and communicate in ways that make the client feel not only safe, but also seen, heard and acknowledged without judgement.
  • How to cultivate a field of nurturing kindness, in order to welcome all aspects of your clients in their entirety
  • How to give full-body Tantric style, relaxation massage – including external and internal Yoni Mapping, Therapuetic Sensual Massage (without yoni massage), Womb Healing & Awakening Massage
  • A variety of bodywork techniques so you can tailor the sessions to your clients needs
  • In-depth structural learning of the Yoni, Pelvis and Pleasure Anatomy
  • Practical experience from giving and receiving many Yoni Therapeutics sessions with your fellow students and through your case studies
  • Trauma-informed/trauma sensitive skills and practice
  • How to hold a sacred and devotional ritual space without spiritual dogma or bias
  • How to set up in practice with marketing and business support

What’s Included:

  • An all-inclusive 5 day Practical Intensive Retreat, Northern NSW (Gold Coast airport transfer included but not travel costs)
  • Six month online training including full curriculum and required resources, live trainings, online community hub
  • Support in how to set-up in practice and run/improve your business
  • Personal mentoring throughout the 6 month training period
  • Guest teachers for specialised focus areas

Curriculum Requirements:

  • Full attendance of the 5 day retreat intensive where you’ll give and receive Yoni Therapeutics bodywork sessions
  • Complete all online work: assessments, short answer tests, special interest assignment
  • Case Studies x 12
  • Participate in online Community Hub (Facebook Group/Zoom Meetings)


  • You’ve experienced at least one Yoni Mapping/Yoni Massage before the training starts
  • Participants must not be in ‘Active Trauma’.   Should trauma be part of your life experience, it’s important that, before commencing this training, you’ve engaged in professional, therapeutic support and are on a continuum of healing. Happy to chat and clarify in a discovery call.

Investment: $7950

Payment plan options available

Diversity is important to us! All vulva owning folks are welcome.
This work and training is LGBTQI Friendly.

Sponsorship Places

Every run of this training will provide at least one sponsored place
Sponsorship provides a 50% discount on the cost of the course
Priority will be given to Australian First Nations and BIPOC applicants

Retreat Details

Heart & Soul Retreat Space, Nobbys Creek, Northern NSW

5 Day Intensive: Dates for 2025 TBC – Apply below

About Karlyn….

Karlyn was trained in Yoni Mapping Therapy by Bonnie Bliss in 2016. She was also a support facilitator, providing the Breathwork element of that training and holding a group of students through their journey to become Yoni Mapping Therapists. She’s been facilitating groupwork, retreats and smaller trainings in the areas of breathwork, pleasure education and intimacy since 2005.

Whilst living in the UK, she studied extensively with Dr. Shakti Malan, creator of Sexual Awakening for Women (now called Shakti Shiva Academy) and undertook a Tantric Bodywork apprenticeship with Lynn Patterson (One Heart Tantra). Karlyn holds an Australian Govt Accredited Diploma in Breathwork Mastery and practiced as a Birth & Post Natal Doula in Edinburgh for 5 years. See her full training and life experience click here

Karlyn practices as an insured Professional Member of the IICT and is in the process of becoming an Approved Training Provider. This will enable the Therapeutic Yoni Mapping Practitioner Training to be internationally certified and allow for graduate students to also practice as insured professionals.

What people say about Yoni Mapping

Yoni Mapping, Breathwork and Pathways to Pleasure online course

This journey has been about my autonomy, connecting with myself more deeply and realising the incredible power in my creative and s.xual energy. As someone who has a complex trauma history, my body went through long periods of being numb for protective reasons and only existing for other people’s pleasure. Working with Karlyn over time, I was able to build the trust required to walk this path of healing. This process has allowed me to reclaim my power, my body and awaken this energy within myself. I believe we are our own best healers. We just need to put in the time and energy to reap the rewards.

Maire Joy Barron

Therapeutic Sexologist, Queer Pleasure Activist, Artist, @erotic.wild

Yoni Mapping Therapy

I just want to thank you for the incredible process of healing you’ve started in me. I actually feel a buzz coming from inside me that I haven’t felt in a long time (if ever).

Not only have the past two days since seeing you given me new experiences with myself and in my marriage, but the future just feels so open and with so much possibility that I never imagined possible for me. So thank you. You’re an incredible healer in the work you do. And you are so down to earth and relatable and I’m just so glad to have found you at this time.

Thank you thank you…..forever grateful.


Tantric Hatha Yoga Teacher, @aimee.yoga

Yoni Mapping Therapy

Wow! This experience facilitated a necessary deep emotional release and I noticed so much support coming into my life and my business 10 fold since doing the session. I’ve not felt this deeply connected to my womb power for a very long time. Wonderful, magical…I now understand that the orchestra of my life lives in my womb and my cervix is my wand. I feel the session also helped me to stand in my power in a challenging conversation that I needed to have with my partner. SO much clarity – in my journaling, how I talk and present myself and how I feel, knowing what I want for myself and being able to express that from a powerful place.

Eliza Bingham

Women's Health & Life Coach, @elizakatebingham