Praise for Sacred Alchemy

Yoni Mapping Therapy

Yoni Mapping, Breathwork and Pathways to Pleasure online course

This journey has been about my autonomy, connecting with myself more deeply and realising the incredible power in my creative and s.xual energy. As someone who has a complex trauma history, my body went through long periods of being numb for protective reasons and only existing for other people’s pleasure. Working with Karlyn over time, I was able to build the trust required to walk this path of healing. This process has allowed me to reclaim my power, my body and awaken this energy within myself. I believe we are our own best healers. We just need to put in the time and energy to reap the rewards.

Maire Joy Barron

Therapeutic Sexologist, Queer Pleasure Activist, Artist, @erotic.wild

Yoni Mapping Therapy

I just want to thank you for the incredible process of healing you’ve started in me. I actually feel a buzz coming from inside me that I haven’t felt in a long time (if ever).

Not only have the past two days since seeing you given me new experiences with myself and in my marriage, but the future just feels so open and with so much possibility that I never imagined possible for me. So thank you. You’re an incredible healer in the work you do. And you are so down to earth and relatable and I’m just so glad to have found you at this time.

Thank you thank you…..forever grateful.


Tantric Hatha Yoga Teacher,

Yoni Mapping Therapy

Wow! This experience facilitated a necessary deep emotional release and I noticed so much support coming into my life and my business 10 fold since doing the session. I’ve not felt this deeply connected to my womb power for a very long time. Wonderful, magical…I now understand that the orchestra of my life lives in my womb and my cervix is my wand. I feel the session also helped me to stand in my power in a challenging conversation that I needed to have with my partner. SO much clarity – in my journaling, how I talk and present myself and how I feel, knowing what I want for myself and being able to express that from a powerful place.

Eliza Bingham

Women's Health & Life Coach, @elizakatebingham

Yoni Mapping Therapy

Wowsers is all I can say⁠! What a journey…⁠I met myself yesterday, a part of me that was missing. I feel different⁠⁠ and my heart has expanded like never before⁠.

I desire more of me⁠
I desire soul shuddering intimacy⁠
I desire spaciousness⁠
I desire presence⁠
I desire slowing down⁠
I desire softness ⁠

I feel like my base roots have pierced through a once hardened layer of earth to embed itself…myself…to be one with the emerald Light coded genome of Mother Gaia⁠. My third eye activated while my crown chakra took a long awaited gasp for universal oxygen.⁠

I feel at peace⁠
I feel at home….⁠

My body says yes⁠
My mind says….we will soon find out⁠
My heart says thank you⁠
My soul says you’re welcome⁠
My emotions sigh relief ⁠

What ever happened yesterday has changed the trajectory of my life⁠. I trust so much⁠. Because I know how it feels

Jax Emillio Robinson

Shamanic Entrepenuer , @jax_lightlanguage

The most empowering, liberating and pleasurable experiences to date! I can’t believe I’ve worked in the women’s empowerment space for over half a decade and I’m only just finding out about and experiencing this now. As someone who’s experienced a lot of sexual trauma and sexual shame in my life, this was a big deal for me and I could not have chosen someone better to hold that space for me and deliver that service. I felt so safe and so connected to myself, my body, my yoni, another woman. For the first time ever it felt safe and normal to discuss this stuff.

I’m so excited as a woman and a mother to a daughter, to share my experience with the world or with whoever wishes to create or deepen their relationship with their yoni and body. The integration period since the session has been incredible. I feel more connected to myself than ever. I’m finally figuring out what is pleasurable for me, what I desire, what I need, what my body needs, what ‘she’ needs. It’s so beautiful to experience this as a single woman and there’s a part of me that’s so excited to have learnt this before my next intimate relationship. I’m also looking forward to having a session again. Best investment in myself ever!

Sammy Kurtz

Women's Life Coach, @selfwithsk


Since beginning regular breathwork sessions with Karlyn, I’ve experienced significant changes in my emotions, behaviours and actions. As well as being a phenomenal experience every time, breathwork is the most effective tool I’ve found for exploring and releasing underlying problems. Every session is a pleasure, a challenge and a surprise. Karlyn is an excellent guide and support, a true magician!

Phyllis Martin

Circus & Outdoor Events Manager, Business Systems Director,

Thank you so much for the breathwork session yesterday. You facilitated the session with such deep presence, grace and flow, I felt completely safe to be vulnerable and surrender to the experience. Today I’m feeling more relaxed, softer and more at peace with my recent challenges. I’ve already recommended you to a few friends and looking forward to continuing the journey soon!

Bonnie Bliss

Somatic Sexologist, Pelvic Wellness Specialist ,

In all honesty I find it hard to put into words the impact that Karlyn’s had on my life. I’ve known Karlyn since 2018 and I’ve worked with many practitioners across different modalities in the last 7 years and none have had the same significant impact as my time spent with Karlyn. During our Breathwork sessions I was able to deeply transform old limiting beliefs and patterns completely changing the way I show up on a day to day basis. I’m more certain of myself and my purpose and have the courage to step into fears that previously held me back. Her gentle and compassionate approach always provides a safe and nurturing space.

Now, Karlyn is a key facilitator at my womens and couples retreats and I recommend all of my own coaching clients to her. Whether working with individuals or groups she brings her depth of experience and a touch of fun to everything she does. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else for this work.

Carol Russel

Womens & Couples Retreat Facilitator, Life Coach,

Attending Karlyn’s breathwork course was deeply nourishing. Karlyn created a beautifully held safe container to heal through gentle trauma informed breathwork techniques. Her approach was so nurturing and she had a strong understanding of trauma and how to be sensitive to people’s past experiences. I’d highly recommend Karlyns’ work and look forward to diving in again. Thank you so much Karlyn!

Steph Wallace

Yoga Facilitator & Somatic Counsellor,

Pathways to Pleasure Online Course

Pathways to Pleasure’ with Karlyn was the perfect place to start my self-pleasure journey. At 33 years old I had the realisation during this course just how disconnected from my yoni, my vulva and any form of real, organic, joyous self-pleasure I was. In the last five weeks, through the beautifully supported and open space created by Karlyn, I have been guided to true connection; with myself, with my body and especially with my yoni. Karlyn has helped me to break through some unwanted beliefs that life has fostered regarding self-pleasure that did not serve me. I now believe that self-pleasure is a necessary requirement to ensure holistic wellbeing for a woman. As a result, I have a comfortable, sensual and fun self-pleasure practice that has uncovered a hidden treasure in my body. In finding a more fulfilled connection to myself and exploring the joys of self-pleasure, I have steered away from acquiring ‘things’ in my life that carry no significant meaning but were my attempt to create pleasure from the outside in. This process has also allowed me to find a more open and adventurous connection with my partner. Now knowing myself better, I have more confidence to express my wants and desires to someone in my life that sees joy and connection in pleasuring me too. I feel like a more complete, connected and whole woman after Karlyn’s ‘Pathways to Pleasure’ and it’s a beautiful feeling. Now, my first port-of-call in creating pleasure in my life is to look within. Thank you Karlyn.

Phoebe Uebergang


I have never felt more connected to my body and my intuition. Intuition/gut feeling is so much louder and spot on every time. I have been feeling my emotions more too instead of being numb, which I think is because of the breathing and connecting with my body. I now see things so differently and it’s no longer a ‘no go zone’ and is now a part of me that needs extra nourishing and love.

Biggest Takeaways:

  • Go within, everything you need is there
  • Intuition is so much louder & spot on every time
  • Women are absolutely amazing in every way
  • A whole new outlook on every aspect of life
  • A new appreciation for myself
  • I can be strong AND feminine
  • Dropping the self doubt & judgment
  • It’s OK to want pleasure in my life

One surprising thing for me was how much everything we learnt impacted other areas of life. This is one of the best things I have EVER done for myself

Emily Christie

Powerhouse Mumma

Karlyn’s Pathways to Pleasure offering gifted me the opportunity to witness myself in power and beauty EXACTLY as I am…without self-criticism. This helped me to soften into greater feeling in my body and begin the journey of more intentional healing of past hurts of unrecognised grief. The nurturing and authentic nature of Karlyn’s approach allowed me the space to safely travel into vulnerable spaces, express my curiosity, share candidly 1on1 and within the collective group, experience the power in my softness, and make greater room to surrender into the healing journey. In dance, raw feeling, introspection, and community from the comfort of my own home, Karlyn held the space of safety for me to come exactly as I am in my process of self-intimacy. This course encouraged me to remember the importance and power of my expressed Eros and inspires me to dive deeper into my relationship with myself and those I share myself with. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking a deeper sense of intimacy to themselves, their body, their partners, and life as a whole.

Corin Garratt

World Traveller, Creative, Healer

I have noticed a change in my mindset for my yoni, a need to focus more and place more attention there. I think what I got most was that it’s not just about sex…it’s about breathing, taking time, dance and movement and getting it all juiced up. I feel so reassured that I’m not broken and I’m learning that sometimes it’s ok to be selfish.

Rachel Louise

Team Leader, Australian Navy