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Pathways to Pleasure :: Self-Paced Online Course

Are you prioritising your pleasure? If not, why not?

Exploring your pleasure potential has huge knock-on effects to all other areas of your life…in the best possible way. Once you start this journey, be open to feeling deeper self-acceptance, self-love and self-confidence – we could always use a bit more of those! Being connected to your body in this way is an opportunity to shift into a state of nourishment, nervous system regulation and fulfilment, more often than not.

This course explores the basics of my three teaching pillars:

1. Our bodies were built and designed for PLEASURE!
~ uncovering the smorgasbord of sensation available through your whole body

2. Pleasure is your birth right
~ letting go of out-dated and harmful concepts such as our bodies and sex is dirty, sinful, shameful. These are all false!

3. Pleasure as a lived state of being, not just an abstract concept
~ the practices shared will help you open your pleasure pathways and access this flow at any time. It’s not just about sex. Your whole life can be pleasurable, even the challenging parts

It’s not as complicated as you might think. You just need to be willing to let go of some out-dated beliefs, discover ways to feel safe and calm in your body, open up to new knowledge and skills, then practice what you learn on your own body. I’ll share with you a few simple techniques to gently open these pathways and access this incredible energy, without the overwhelm. I’ve mapped it all out for you in this juicy, fun, enlivening adventure into PLEASURE!

In just a short time, you can feel a massive difference to your connection with yourself.

Here’s some of what I’ll share in the course:

  • Pleasure anatomy education
  • Embodiment practices to juice up your body and awaken your sensual self
  • Sacred sexuality practices to activate your erotic potency and forever change your intimate life
  • Breathwork techniques to connect you to your inner world and access safety and relaxation

Ready to start?  I’m here for you!
Let’s start this journey together.



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Standard Price :: $225 aud

Module 1: Breath & Body Connection
Module 2: Pelvic Temple Awakening
Module 3: Dancing the Archetypes
Module 4: Your Pleasure Anatomy
Module 5: Yoni Gaze & Vulva Exploration
Module 6: Internal Yoni Connection & Exploration

With Love & Courage,