Succulent Midlife :: Pleasure through Peri~Post Menopause

5 week Live, Interactive, Online Course – Starting Thursday February 8th, 2024

          Feb 8th – March 7th, each Thursday eve: 6.30pm – 8pm                   via Zoom, Replays available

The journey of menopause is meant to be a time of great empowerment ~ it’s time to Claim It!

This 5 week Live-Online course is a guide to help you harness the power of your cyclical self and stay connected to your pleasure, your libido and your body. Stepping into this powerful time is enhanced by connecting to our pleasure and enjoying it through these cycles of epic metamorphosis. This time is also know as ‘The Second Spring’

 What we’ll explore:

~ How Libido works, why it changes and how to roll with (and soften) the punches

~ Unhooking from the negative western cultural conditioning that tells us aging is bad

~ A variety of practices and techniques to access your pleasure pathways for a more sensual and orgasmic menopause

~ How your hormones are changing and how to support those changes

~ How to support your changing nutritional needs

~ How to align your changing cycles to the cycles of the moon and nature

~ Understanding your pleasure anatomy for greater body acceptance, confidence and love

Guest Teachers:

Lissie Turner ~ is a Yoga Therapist who specialises in female endocrine health, hormonal and cyclic education. She’s a self-confessed endocrinological nerd, in awe and adoration of one of the body’s most intricate, incessant and complex internal symphonies. She’s an advocate for putting women’s knowledge about women’s bodies, back in the hands and the hearts of women and for women having a voice in writing the rules that serve women – a journey that begins with understanding and embracing the fundamentals of their own body’s needs. She’s also a Mother of four children, a Grandmother and a mid-life woman.

Lucy St Jack ~ Is a Naturopath and women’s health expert, specialising in hormones, herbalism, nutritional medicine and functional testing. For the last decade, Lucy has successfully supported women to solve the mysteries of the imbalances in their bodies through nutrition awareness and natural medicine. Her work focuses on PCOS, Endometriosis, Fatigue, Post Natal Depletion, and Perimenopause. She utilises the power of education and holistic medicine to guide women back to feeling whole and well. She is passionate about integrative medicine and weaves together science with ancient wisdom for the health of the individual and community. Lucy is a Mother of two boys and a mid life woman.


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Breathwork & Embodiment Workshop

Join Karlyn and Flic for an afternoon of Conscious Connected Breathwork and Embodied, Free-Form Movement. The invitation is to explore the subtle inner realms of your being in a trauma-informed, inclusive space.

Here we hold a container where there’s nothing to fix. What needs to be expressed will find it’s pathway through your being – with your breath and your body as the guide. All of you is welcome. A state of Bliss & Belonging awaits….

The Gallery, Cygnet
5 Garthfield Street
Cygnet Tasmania 7112

Saturday 11th November, 2023 1pm – 4pm