Elements of Breath

Breath Coach Practitioner Training

Coming 2025 :: Dates TBC

Ready to join a revolutionary movement, powered by conscious breath?

  • Are you a health professional, allied health therapist or healer with a desire to learn Conscious Breathing techniques to support your clients (& you!) ?
  • Are you someone who’s experienced the benefits of conscious breath and would like to share it with others?
  • Have you been searching for additional tools to address stress, anxiety, depression and the effects of trauma?
  • Would you like your clients to have some extra skills that could empower them to take charge of their wellbeing?

Modern Conscious Breath practices trace back to lineages thousands of years old. Now there’s scientific research to back it up.

The benefits of better breathing have far reaching effects on our overall health and wellbeing.

In Australia, the annual cost of mental health is around $180 billion. Clearly our ‘civilised’ society is not coping under the constant pressure and stress of modern life. Many people are choosing to explore new and refreshing ways to address their stress, anxiety, overwhelm and the effects of trauma.

Breathwork is quickly becoming the ‘new Yoga’ because of its calming effect on the nervous system and its ability to easily access and stabalise the body/mind connection. This voluntary style of breathing, of which there are many variations, requires us to engage our awareness to influence the breath and therefore its effect on the brain and body. Conscious Breathing serves us by harmonising the nervous system, bringing us out of states of stress and into a place of relaxation and clarity.

As a health care provider, healer or allied health professional, having a variety of simple and easy to implement breath-awareness techniques in your tool kit is a valuable addition to your practice and a life-long gift to your clients. The good news is you don’t need years of study to gain the skills to make a difference in this area.

Become a certified Breath Coach Practitioner and support your clients on their journey of optimal health and wellbeing.

Discover the immense benefits of breathwork and how to apply it your current professional modality

Add it into your current modality or offer it as a stand-alone treatment

What you will learn on this 3 month training intensive….

Breathing Techniques

Specific breathing techniques that you can apply in a variety of scenarios with your clients

Breathing Patterns

Recognise and understand restricted breathing patterns in yourself and others and how to support an Optimal Breathing Pattern

Integrate Trauma

How breathwork supports the integration of trauma and alleviation from the effects of depression, overwhelm and chronic stress

Breath for stress and anxiety

How to use the breath to work through stress and anxiety, for yourself and your clients

Supporting Others

Discover ways to share simple breath awareness techniques to support others to explore their feelings in a safe way and on their own terms

Breathing Anatomy

Learn about the breathing anatomy and current nuero-science of how the conscious breath effects the brain, body and nervous system

Expert Perspectives

Gain an overview of the most popular breathing techniques available today, directly from experts in their fields

Breath for relaxation

How breathwork gently supports a client into a state of relaxation and calm

Business Support

Mentoring and support to set up in practice or integrate breathwork into your current offerings


  • An updated toolkit that now includes conscious breath techniques
  • The ability to gently guide your clients out of states of anxiety by using the conscious breath
  • Offer Breathwork Meditations and Sessions to individuals and groups
  • Share simple breathwork techniques with your clients for them to take home as a support tool
  • Breathwork techniques that you can use for your own self care
  • Empower your clients to self-regulate and heal through the use of conscious breath
  • How to hold a trauma informed /sensitive environment for your clients through active listening and compassionate inquiry
  • Business mentoring and support
  • IICT – International Institute of Complimentary Therapists membership and insurance
  • Suitable for Continuing Professional Development


  • 200+ hour training, taken over a 3 month period. A combination of a retreat immersive, online education and group meetings, short answer tests and assignments and case studies
  • This 12 week course willl feature 6 x in-person weekend trainings, based in Hobart, Tasmania. These deep, experiential weekends will completely overhaul your relationship to the breath. This will be personally transfromative and you’ll also practice taking others through breathwork journeys.
  • The curriculum will unfold both online and in-person over the 12 weeks
  • Fortnightly Zoom meet ups, in between the in-person weekends
  • Membership to the training Facebook group for peer support and collaboration
    Additional education from experts of various breathwork modalities


  • Complimentary Therapies and Allied Health Providers
  • Psychotherapy, Psychology, Counselling and other Mental Health Professions
  • Somatic and Embodiment Modalities
  • Ayurveda, Chinese and other Eastern Medicine
  • All styles of Yoga practice
  • Massage Therapy, Osteopathy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy
  • Pregnancy and Birth Supporters
  • Fitness Training
  • Music and Singing
  • Life and Business Coaching


Early Bird ~ $2,225 

Standard ~ $2,575 paid in full by start date

Payment plan available, please get in touch to discuss

Sponsorship Places

Every run of this training will provide at least one sponsored place
Sponsorship provides a 50% discount on the cost of the course
Priority will be given to Australian First Nations and BIPOC applicants

In-person Weekends Details

Hobart Breathing Space, 13b Goulbourne St, Hobart
September, 2025

Meet Karlyn, your lead trainer….

Karlyn’s deep and intimate journey with the conscious breath spans over 20 years. Stumbling upon Rebirthing Breathwork at the age of 19, she discovered the immensity of its power to transform one’s experience of life. In conjunction with a consistent yoga practice she was able to overcome depression, anxiety, eating disorders and a multitude of other self-loathing habits and create a life of joy and purpose.

In 2004, Karlyn qualified as a Breathwork Mastery Practitioner, training to an Australian Government Diploma standard, the highest professional standard and most comprehensive training available on the planet at that time. Since then she’s had the privilege of supporting and facilitating thousands of individuals, hundreds of groups, workshops and trainings and has organised events for international therapists/trainers. In addition, she also held committee positions with the British Rebirth Society and the International Breathwork Foundation for many years and travelled the globe to attend the Global Inspiration Conferences. She’s currently undertaking an in-depth traditional Pranayama training with a leader in the field, Gregor Maehle.

Karlyn’s passion is in ensuring a high quality, comprehensive breathwork training and to see breathwork available as an option in Allied Health. Her work is trauma-sensitive and the focus is on soothing the nervous system, integration of unresolved past events and teaching simple breathing techniques that anyone can use to support and enhance daily life. She practices as an insured Professional Member of the IICT and is in the process of becoming an Approved Training Provider. This will enable the Breath Coach Practitioner Training to be internationally certified.