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Yoni Mapping Therapy is an integrated pelvic wellness modality that embraces all aspects of the self ~ physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and sexual. It’s a unique bodywork experience that invites you to discover the true potential of your Yoni, arriving at a place of wholeness, love, reverence and honouring. It’s an empowering embodied journey that can help you feel who you are on a deeper level.

It is the exquisite experience of coming home to yourself.

Many women feel disconnected from their whole pelvic area, mostly due to trauma of some kind and/or shame or a lack of education about this part of the body. Yoni Mapping allows a woman to meet her yoni, to discover her own creative power source. There many benefits of internal therapeutic pelvic massage, which is now becoming more popular in many different fields. Osteopaths, physiotherapists and pelvic floor specialists do internal massage for pelvic health and alignment.

Yoni Mapping Therapy sessions are also about being present with whatever is arising, without judging it or labelling it as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. All of you is welcome and accepted ~ whatever that looks like! Sometimes we work quite specifically but there’s nothing we are trying to change or fix, no place to get to and no pushing or forcing.

People feel called to Yoni Mapping Therapy for many different reasons. Discovering that your Yoni and body have been designed to experience pleasure is often part of the process. Discovering your pleasure is always welcome, however, you will not be sexualised in any way during the session.

As an ally of the LGBTQIA community, all vulva owning folk are welcome in my space. Sharing this journey with trans women is part of my experience.

Initial Yoni Mapping Therapy sessions are always 3 hours long and are a combination of:

  • Talk Therapy and initial consultation: we have an informal chat about what’s going on for you. Engaging my skills of compassionate inquiry and active listening, there’s space to share ANYTHING that feels important ~ all of you is welcome!
  • Education related to pelvic wellness, pleasure, anatomy etc.
  • Home-Play: learning specific approaches and practices to take home to deepen your connection with your Yoni.
  • Nurturing whole body massage: relaxing bodywork to arrive fully in the body and open yourself to receive. Breasts and belly massage are included in this whole body honouring.
  • Therapeutic abdominal & pelvic massage: releasing tension and congestion in the belly and pelvis, bringing more blood flow, relaxation and sensitivity.
  • Gentle external and internal vaginal massage and mapping: Undertaken only with your consent and with an open flow of communication throughout. We navigate through your Yoni to gently release tension and restore blood flow, sensitivity and connection. You are oriented to bring deeper awareness to your internal pelvic landscape, following physical sensation and emotions that arise as different areas are touched and massaged. We literally create a map of your innermost world.

Afterwards, most women feel more aliveness and sensation in the pelvis, a deeper connection with their body and newfound sense of love and respect for their vagina. Every session is completely different because every person is unique.

Just as with general massage, the benefits of offering internal work are plentiful:

  • access to ligaments and tendons that can only be touched from the inside
  • release of chronic tension that traditional external massage cannot get to
  • restoration of alignment and balance thus supporting a woman’s pelvic wellness
  • healing and relaxing of pelvic floor muscles allowing effective engagement
  • shifting patterns of ‘compensation’ where specific parts are overworking due to ineffective engagement or held tension in other areas
  • regain sensitivity to subtle sensation
  • to support the healing and integration of traumatic experiences

Feel free to book a 15-minute discovery call to see if we’re right to work together.

3 hour session :: $425
2 hour Folllow-Up sessions: $365

* Concession price is available for those experiencing financial hardship. All those who wish to experience this transformational modality should have access to it.

Please reach out via email to discuss options:

* Beautfiul Yoni art by Katie Lloyd @yoniartbykatielloyd

All humans started life in a womb and as such, there is much wisdom and intelligence to tune into.

The Womb Space is much more than just the physical organ. Physically, the uterus is quite small but energetically it spirals out through the whole pelvic region. Even if you’ve had a hysterectomy, the energetic imprint remains. Kind of like a ‘phantom limb’, you can remain connected to this area and it’s power in a very tangible way.

The Womb Space is considered the birthplace of creation, a portal to the source of existence and life itself. Not just human life but that of our dreams, ideas and creative expression – all that we wish to bring to life! Known as our creative power center, it can also be a storehouse for energetic imprints of past relationships, lovers, emotional memories and difficult or traumatic experiences. Some experiences will also be held physically. This sensitive area of the body can also carry wounding from our ancestral line.

Womb Healing & Awakening helps to return your womb to its optimal state of health and wellbeing and connects you to the magic and power of this incredible space.

A Womb Journey can be a great support for those preparing for pregnancy, to clear energetic blockages or aspects of self that you don’t wish to pass on to your child. This journey can also support healing and integration from experiences such as miscarriage, stillbirth and terminations.

Sometimes, it’s medical procedures that have created a disconnect from the womb space or yoni. These sessions are a gentle but effective way regain sensitivity and connection to your internal world.

What happens in a session?

Sessions are slow, gentle and nurturing. The process follows that of Yoni Mapping Therapy, whereby we talk for a long time first and co-create the ceremonial journey together. Next your whole body receives a nourishing, relaxation massage – including breasts, belly and pelvis – here we can connect with the womb and ovaries initially from the outside. A session also includes external and internal Yoni massage. However, there’s more focus upon gently connecting with the cervix, which is the gateway to the womb space. If the session is to integrate the experience of a hysterectomy, I give sacred touch to the area where the cervix would have been. Together we open the channels of somatic communication to restore balance, harmony and connection.

The benefits of a Womb Journey are vast and varied. Each session is unique, just as each person’s reason to come along for a session is unique. Creating a safe space is of utmost importance, so I work with where you’re at and the session is tailored to your needs.

Feel free to book a complimentary 15-minute discovery call to see if we’re right to work together.

3 hour session :: $425

2 hour Folllow-Up sessions: $365

Testimonial of Lara’s Womb Awakening Journey

I had been to Karlyn for Yoni Mapping Therapy twice before and had the most transformational experiences. When my husband and I started trying to conceive, I felt a strong knowing that I had a lot of stored trauma and resistance within my womb space that needed to be cleared before we could welcome a baby into our lives. I reached out to Karlyn for help and guidance, and again experienced the most profound healing.

During my session, Karlyn guided me to meet the depths of my trauma  and I released so much. Through the process, I felt that I was literally creating space for our baby to come in. I could clearly feel that prior to my session I had not made the energetic space to allow new life to come into my womb. During the session, Karlyn invited me to open up to connecting with my spirit baby and I was able to do this in the most incredible way. I met my spirit baby and felt the most loving connection. It was clear that it was feminine energy and that she was so happy that I was taking the time to make room for her to join my husband and I. It was like she had been waiting for this moment.

5 days after my session with Karlyn, my husband and I conceived our baby girl. We are currently preparing to welcome her into this world next month – April 2023.

I recommend Karlyn and her offerings to all that I meet. She is an absolute gift.

Lara x

Our journey together unfolds over two or more sessions. The Yoni Mapping only happens if or when you feel ready.

If you’re curious to explore this modality as a way to integrate and heal from traumatic life expereinces, it’s good to know you can take as long as you need. The journey unfolds on your terms and at the pace that allows you to feel safe and able to re-establish a loving relationship with your body and inner world. Life can often include challenges, difficulty and pain. Some of these challenges can include boundary violations ~ both from strangers and those we trust, unwanted experiences, birth and medical trauma and abuse. These sessions can be an empowering opportunity to heal and integrate these experiences and reconnect with the wonderment of your human form and the innate wisdom of your body.

2 x 3 hour Session Journey :: $650

* These sessions are not suitable for those experiencing ‘active’ trauma. This means your daily life is noticably effected by current or past traumatic experiences. This state requires the support of a trauma specialist such as: Psychologist, Psychotherapist or Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

The Breath is the thread that connects us to life as no other element can. It’s the link between mind and body, the conscious and the sub-conscious and is our most powerful ally on the path to self realisation. True, we have the automatic breath which sustains our existence but it’s the Conscious Breath that puts us in the drivers seat to become the creator of our lives. The invitation is to step out of merely surviving and into the fullness of living!

The origins of Breathwork can be found in most ancient spiritual practices. In a Breathwork Mastery session we explore the Conscious Connected Breath, also termed ‘The Yoga for the West’. This style of breathing gently takes us into an altered state of awareness and facilitates a direct experience with our inner universe, allowing us access to parts of ourselves that are often hard to get to through talking therapies alone. By using the breath to journey inwards, we’re able to quickly and effectively clear suppressed emotions, physical discomfort, limiting thoughts, beliefs and outdated programming.

Exploring consciousness on our own terms and deepening our self-awareness are essential steps on the path to awakening to our life’s purpose and finding what makes us truly happy.

During these sessions we’ll explore:

 – How your automatic breathing patterns keep you locked in certain thinking/behavioural patterns

 – Varied breathing techniques to help you manage stress and anxiety on a daily basis

 – Using the conscious connected breath to explore your inner realms, release stuck emotions and gain perspective on past experiences

 – Releasing yourself from out-dated thoughts, beliefs and behaviours using the power of your breath

Integrate and heal from traumatic life experiences

A series of sessions is recommended to offload the overwhelm and reprogramme outdated conditioning

5 Session Journey: $850 pre-paid

10 Session Total Reboot: $1550 pre-paid

Single Session: 2.5 hours $195

Conscious Breath Awareness is one of those essential life skills that’s completely taken for granted and largely overlooked. However, it holds the key to self-empowerment.

When we’re able to use the breath in a conscious way, we gain the ability to manage the unavoidable stress and pressure of modern life and keep our nervous system intact. This isn’t just a one off peak experience, you’ll also take away tools to apply to your every day life so that transformation happens at a core level.

Breath Coaching sessions are for those looking for potent health hacks to improve their health and wellbeing but don’t necessarily want to dive deep into their subconscious realms.

During these sessions you’ll learn:

– How your automatic breathing patterns keep you locked in certain thinking/behavioural patterns

 – Various breathing techniques to help you manage stress and anxiety on a daily basis

The Practices

– Breath Awareness Meditations :: to cultivate a sustainable relationship with your breath and provide a take-home practice

– Pranayama Techniques :: to generate and circulate life force around the body and balance the hemispheres of the brain

– Gentle Conscious Connected Breath :: to access the subtle inner realms, connecting with the vibrantly alive states of relaxation and anchoring that as a foundation for the nervous system.

Single Session: 1.5 hours $125

3 Session Package – pre-paid: $325


Therapeutic Sensual Bodywork

This session is an invitation to take some time out from your daily routine, allowing you to drop the masks and be fully in touch with the wonderment of your human form. This temple space offers the opportunity to connect with the pulsating current of aliveness, vibrating in your body in every moment.

Included is a full-body relaxation massage where the focus is safety, reverence, nourishment and nurturing. A whole body honouring, activating the senses of touch, smell and sound. This is not a sexual service and does not include genital or breast touch.


  • Deeply soothing to the body, brain and nervous system
  • Helps to release chronic stress held in the body
  • Helps regain sensitvity to subtle sensations
  • Supports integration and healing from physical boundary violation. These can include birth or medical trauma, physical & sexual abuse

* Please note: these sessions are not for those in ‘active’ trauma. This state requires the support of a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner or a registered psychotherapist who specialises in trauma. Happy to clarify on a discovery call

Therapeutic Sensual Bodywork Sessions for all humans
1.5 hours :: $165

Somatic Bodywork Sessions

for men and male identifying folks

Humans are chronically under-touched and yet touch is essential to our sense of connection in the world. This session is an invitation into self-revelation where you’ll be welcomed into a place of reverence, nurturing and nourishment.

Included is a combination of conscious breathwork and devotional bodywork.

Sadly, our culture promotes stress, anxiety and ‘busyness’ as normal states of being. Most of us have adapted to this way of living. However, this is not how we are supposed to be operating and these states do not support our optimal wellbeing. These sessions are an opportunity to put down the armour and connect with the beauty of your human experience from a place of authenticity and embodiment.

Conscious Breathwork: Is a practice of engaging the full and connected breath as a form of dynamic meditation. This activated breath allows you to gently enter into an altered state of awareness and supports the release of stuck or stagnant energy and connects you to your inner realms. These aspects of self can often be hard to reach in our daily waking state. Here we start to open you up to a deeper, more authentic experience of yourself.

Devotional Bodywork: where your whole body will be massaged with sacred touch. I’m trained in Tantric & Hawaiian Temple Bodywork, Remedial and Relaxation Massage. I work intuitively with each individual, tapping into what your body needs in each moment. Here there is the opportunity to have direct experience with the innate wisdom of your body and explore your pleasure potential.

This session is not a sexual service and does not include genital touch.


  • Release stuck emotions and energy from the inner realms
  • Brings you home to your body
  • Calms the brain and nervous system
  • Helps regain sensitvity to subtle sensations
  • A space to explore your pleasure potential
  • Opens you to receive nourishing touch
  • Releases stress and tension from the body
  • Awakens feelings of creativity and inspiration

Somatic Bodywork for Men

2 hours :: $285

Couples Intimacy Coaching

Learn the art of Sensual Massage including Yoni & Lingam massage to up-level your intimacy.

These in-person sessions will teach the basics of presence, connection, sacred touch and tantric massage to give each couple the extra tools they need to share delicious, relaxing, intimate space together. Having these potent practices will forever change your intimate life – for the better.

There’s often a million + one reasons why we don’t prioritise time for intimate connection – with ourselves or with our beloved. Usually all that’s required is the time and space, mixed with a little bit of guidance and we remember how simply it can all unfold…..and how much we all deserve it!

The first half of the session is educational, the second half will be putting everything into practice: you’ll practice the massage on each others bodies, under my guidance. These sessions are not focused on ‘having better sex’ and penetrative sex does not happen during these sessions. What you will take away is a variety of ways to connect intimately outside of your usual routines and in ways that aren’t about ‘having sex’ but more about creating a deeper closeness and connection.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll receive from this experience:

 – Each person will learn new skills in the delicate art of giving and receiving
 – You’ll learn different types of communication, non-sexual touch and intimacy practices
 – All the practical things required to set up the space at home
 – Education on Yoni & Lingam Pleasure Anatomy
 – Full body massage techniques, including external & internal yoni massage and lingam massage
 – A take-home manual so you can keep on practicing at your leisure

* Please note this is not a sexual service and not a kink space. No acts of sex will be practiced but nudity is required for the massage aspects of the session. I’m happy to clarify and answer questions in a discovery call.

Couples Intimacy Coaching Sessions

5 hours :: $750