Yoni Mapping Therapy

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina and includes the entire female genitalia, reproductive system and pelvic space. It also translates to ‘source of all life’ and ‘birthplace of creation’

Yoni Mapping Therapy is an integrated modality that embraces all aspects of the self – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual. It is a unique experience that gives you opportunity to discover the true potential of your Yoni and to come to a place of wholeness, love, reverence and honouring. It’s an empowering embodied experience that can help you feel who you are on a deeper level.

It’s about coming home to yourself.

Many women feel disconnected from their whole pelvic area, mostly due to trauma of some kind and/or shame. Yoni Mapping allows a woman to meet her yoni, to discover her own creative power source. There many benefits of internal therapeutic pelvic massage, which is now becoming more popular in many different fields. Osteopaths, physiotherapists and pelvic floor specialists do internal massage for pelvic health and alignment.

Yoni Mapping Therapy sessions are also about being present with whatever is arising, without judging it or labelling it as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. All of you is welcome and accepted – whatever that looks like!

Sometimes we work quite specifically but there’s nothing we are trying to change or fix, no place to get to and no pushing or forcing.

* Beautfiul Yoni art by Katie Lloyd @yoniartbykatielloyd

What happens in a Yoni Mapping Therapy session?

Sessions include talk therapy and a full body massage to help give a woman the felt experience that her Yoni is connected to the rest of her body, resulting in a feeling of profound wholeness.

Additionally, a session creates the space for a woman to simply receive. Nothing is expected of her, she doesn’t need to perform in any way. She can just relax and discover herself. It sounds so simple, but it’s something few women have ever experienced.

Initial Yoni Mapping Therapy sessions are always 3 hours long and are a combination of:

  • Talk Therapy and initial consultation – we have an informal chat about what’s going on for you. There’s space to share ANYTHING that feels important – all of you is welcome!
  • Education related to pelvic wellness, pleasure, anatomy etc.
  • Home-Play – Learning specific approaches and practices to take home to deepen your connection with your Yoni.
  • Nurturing whole body massage – relaxing bodywork to arrive fully in the body and open yourself to receive.
  • Therapeutic abdominal & pelvic massage – releasing tension and congestion in the belly and pelvis, bringing more blood flow, relaxation and sensitivity.
  • Gentle external and internal vaginal massage and mapping
    Undertaken with your consent and with an open flow of communication throughout. We navigate through your Yoni to gently release tension and restore blood flow, sensitivity and awareness. You are oriented to your internal pelvic landscape, following physical sensation and emotions that arise as different areas are touched and massaged. We literally create a map of your innermost world.

Afterwards, most women feel more aliveness and sensation in the pelvis, a deeper connection with their body and newfound sense of respect for their vagina. Every session is completely different because every woman is unique.

Just as with general massage, the benefits of offering internal work are plentiful:

  • access to ligaments and tendons that can only be touched from the inside
  • release of chronic tension that traditional external massage cannot get to
  • restoration of alignment and balance thus supporting a woman’s pelvic wellness
  • healing and relaxing of pelvic floor muscles allowing effective engagement
  • shifting patterns of ‘compensation’ where specific parts are overworking due to ineffective engagement or held tension in other areas.

For further information on Yoni Mapping Therapy please feel free to get in touch and we can chat or follow this link: http://www.yonimappingtherapy.com


“My tantric session was out of this world, a truly healing experience. Simply surrendering and receiving took me to places in myself I didn’t know existed. My life has changed in such positive ways and my health has also improved immensely”

D. Perry, Business Consultant, London