My name, Karlyn, means witch in old Scots language (Carlin).

Not knowingly given to me for this reason, my parents saw this word as the name of a house in the town I grew up in and liked it, so bestowed it upon me. The roots of this word are an interesting coincidence and something I stumbled upon when I was living back in the land of my ancestors, Scotland.

I’m a Celtic woman (she/her) of Scottish/Irish bloodlines. My ancestral lineage goes back many generations, originally hailing from County Cork, Ireland and Glasgow, Scotland

Originally the Celts were a matriarchal society. As such, the feminine arts were intricately woven into daily life. I feel honoured to be supporting the re-emerging of these ancient teachings. The practices I share are also of yogic/tantric lineage, which I’ve found myself deeply connected to in this lifetime. Although they aren’t my ancestral lineage, I have utmost respect for these traditions and I’ve been practicing and sharing the teachings in one form or another for more than half my life.

However, this lifetime I was born in Australia. I am eternally grateful to and fully acknowledge the traditional owners and original custodians of this powerful land that I am privileged to call home. I pay my respects to Elders past, present and emerging and pledge my support and solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island People of all diverse language and cultural groups.

Ultimately my workshops, sessions and teachings are from the ancient wisdom traditions, which holds its place in all cultures, across time.