Yoni Mapping Therapy :: Sunshine Coast

Yoni Mapping Therapy is an wholistic, integrated modality that embraces all aspects of the self – physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and sexual.

This exquisite experience gives you an opportunity to discover the true potential of your Yoni, to come to a place of wholeness, love, reverence and honouring. It’s an empowering embodied journey that helps you feel who you are on a deeper level.

It’s about coming home to yourself.

Spaces are limited to 5, so please get in fast if you’d like to experience this incredible journey.

To book please contact Karlyn

:: What happens in a session? ::

A session is 3 hours, dedicated just to you!

After we’ve had a chat, you’ll receive a full body therapeutic relaxation massage, allowing you to drop deeply into this nurturing space. The Yoni Mapping aspect happens only once you’ve given your permission.

Yoni Mapping is basically a gentle, guided tour of your vagina. It includes external and internal sacred touch massage. A journey where I hold the space and you explore your inner most realms with your feelings, sensations, heart and mind. All of you is welcome.

A sense of wholeness, integration, relaxation and deep connection is generally the result.

Dispelled! Breathe :: Sing :: Shake

Change is the only constant.

Breaking our habits of breath and body movement can support us in adjusting to the relentless change that is being thrust upon us externally and internally – especially at this point in time.

Dispelled is an invitation to explore techniques that can help us move more gracefully with the epic ebbs and flows that life throws our way!

Our journey together will explore:
:: Conscious Breathwork that supports a calm nervous system
:: Sounding and singing
:: Shaking Medicine to safely shift the effects of stress from the body. Also known as therapeutic tremoring


After being asked repeatedly by my lovely Yoni Mapping Therapy clients to PLEASE share the magical skills of yoni massage with their partners…’s finally here!

This workshop will teach the basics of presence, connection and sacred touch to give couples the extra tools they need to share delicious, relaxing, intimate space together.



Investment: $375 per couple
Each person will learn new skills in the delicate art of giving and receiving.

There’s often a million + one reasons why we don’t make space for intimate connection time – with ourselves or with our beloved. Usually, all that’s required is the time and space mixed with a little bit of guidance and we remember how simply it can all unfold…..& how much we all deserve it!

Spaces will be limited to 6 couples to keep the atmosphere feeling safe, loving and attentive.