venerated, blessed and worthy of devotion


the secret of transmuting one element into another


and the irony is, the more we master, the deeper the mystery…..

Welcome to Sacred Alchemy.

The manifestation of a life’s work dedicated to transformation and liberation. A place of nurturing and safety where you are supported in designing your own magical formula to create the life you love. Where all the components of your existence thus far, can be used as essential and valuable elements in your own unique creation ~ your individual elixir of life.


Life in a human body is a precious opportunity and it’s our responsibility to make the most of it. We all carry the power within us to become the masters and creators of our own experience. When all of life can be perceived as a fusion of elements that offer opportunities for growth and transformation, anything is possible, life opens up. To accomplish this we often need a kind of “deprogramming” and “reprogramming” of our internal human computer. Our birth in a particular place and time gives us our primary programming, influenced by our genetic coding, the people surrounding us and our environment. If our life unfolds from this program, without too many problems or questions, then we will see no need for change. But when we experience challenges in life or if we begin to seek something beyond our limited “program” then we need to find ways to explore it and alter it.

Part of this journey requires us to strengthen our connection to our inner self, our higher self and our highest ideal for ourselves, whilst remaining grounded, integrated and aligned with life. Although we are immersed in matter, for some, human life is fundamentally a spiritual journey. Exploring consciousness on our own terms and deepening our self-awareness are essential steps on the path to awakening to our life’s purpose and finding what makes us truly happy.

For us to move beyond limitation and into liberation and self empowerment, we often need different tools.
Sacred Alchemy offers the opportunity to explore and experience an alteration of consciousness through Breathwork, Tantric Bodywork, Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Birth.


Karlyn feels her purpose is to walk this earth fully awake and embodied as the true expression of herself without boundaries. She draws upon the raw, juicy, creative life force flowing through her being and lives her life from this place. Distinguished by her playful soul and gentle compassion, Karlyn weaves together multiple modalities and offers a transformative therapeutic space for people to heal and empower themselves. 

She specialises in guiding folk through transformational processes, drawing upon her training in Breathwork Mastery, Life Coaching, Yoni Mapping Therapy, Tantric Bodywork & Sexual Awakening, Yoga and Conscious Birth. With almost 20 years experience in the field of complementary health, she holds the space of profound kindness, understanding and integrity.

Stumbling upon Rebirthing Breathwork at the age of 19, she discovered the immense power of the breath and in conjunction with a consistent yoga practice was able to overcome depression, anxiety, eating disorders and an array of other self loathing habits. Excited to share this discovery with others, Karlyn became a Breathwork Mastery Practitioner, training to an Australian government accredited diploma standard in 2004. Since then she’s travelled the world sharing its power and has supported countless people to overcome significant life challenges and create a more loving relationship with themselves and the conscious breath. She’s also held committee positions with the British Rebirth Society and the International Breathwork Foundation, working closely with leaders who’ve been instrumental in creating professional training standards and codes of ethics for the global breathwork movement.

The transformative effects of Breathwork lead Karlyn to train with some of the worlds best teachers in the other areas that piqued her interest and created further evolution in her life. See her full training and experience here

 Karlyn’s work is trauma sensitive and the focus is on soothing the nervous system, integration of unresolved past events and empowering people to tap into their own healing capacity. Her passion is in creating sacred sanctuary that enables individuals to touch the divine within and know this as their truth. Nature and community, spiritual practice and embodiment are the realms which nourish her most.

 One to one sessions, workshops and trainings are offered from the Sunshine Coast to Byron Bay and she visits Tasmania a few times per year. Her permanent clinic spaces are in Mullumbimby and Murwillumbah.

Karlyn donates a portion of her income to Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. This charity helps street kids and rescues victims from slavery and human trafficking in Vietnam. Find out more about this incredible organisation here:


The Breath is the thread that connects us to life as no other element can. It is the link between mind and body, the conscious and the sub-conscious and is our most powerful tool on the path to self realisation. True, we have the automatic breath, which sustains our existence but it’s the Conscious Breath that allows us to truly become the creator of our lives. Out of merely surviving and into the fullness of living!

The origins of Breathwork are to be found in most ancient spiritual practices. Rebirthing Breathwork is most closely related to the yogic path and was developed by Leonard Orr in the 1960’s. The distinction is that it’s a Conscious Connected Breath, allowing for non ordinary states of awareness and a change of perception to our life situations. Providing a great service to the western way of life, it has been termed ‘The yoga for the west’.

Breathwork Mastery is a conscious, connected body/breath process that facilitates a direct experience with our inner universe, allowing us to access parts of ourselves that are often hard to get to through talking therapies alone. By using the breath to journey inwards, we’re able to quickly and effectively clear suppressed emotions, physical discomfort, limiting thoughts, beliefs and past conditioning – right back to birth, conception and beyond. This information is held energetically/electromagnetically in the subconscious and in the cells of the body.

By clearing these limitations and blockages, and changing our thoughts and beliefs at a core level, we’re able to change the way we perceive ourselves and the world. We’re then free to change our behaviour and our response to life situations. Once we are no longer suppressing, a huge amount of energy is made available to us. Energy that was once being used to ‘hold down’, can be turned towards revitalising and creating health, balance and harmony in the body and mind. The connected breath also aids in detoxification. The opportunity is for a detox that extends from the physical, into our emotional, psychological and spiritual realms.

Add ‘Intention Setting’ to this process and you become the creative director of your life path. Using the breath to clear what has been in the way, the energy that is released can be directed towards your intention.

When we begin to take responsibility for all aspects of our lives and consciously choose our thoughts and how we behave, we start to create our reality and become the masters of our unique human experience.


Breathwork is a gentle but powerful means to access your inner self.  Time and time again it has proven to be one of the most effective healing modalities available to us and is an invaluable tool on your personal journey.



Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina and includes the entire female genitalia, reproductive system and pelvic space. It also translates to ‘source of all life’ and ‘birthplace of creation’.

Yoni Mapping Therapy is an integrated modality that embraces all aspects of the self – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual. It is a unique experience that gives you opportunity to discover the true potential of your Yoni and to come to a place of wholeness, love, reverence and honouring. It’s an empowering embodied experience that can help you feel who you are on a deeper level.

It is the exquisite experience of coming home to yourself.

Many women feel disconnected from their whole pelvic area, mostly due to trauma of some kind and/or shame or a lack of education about this part of the body. Yoni Mapping allows a woman to meet her yoni, to discover her own creative power source. There many benefits of internal therapeutic pelvic massage, which is now becoming more popular in many different fields. Osteopaths, physiotherapists and pelvic floor specialists do internal massage for pelvic health and alignment.

Yoni Mapping Therapy sessions are also about being present with whatever is arising, without judging it or labelling it as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. All of you is welcome and accepted – whatever that looks like! Sometimes we work quite specifically but there’s nothing we are trying to change or fix, no place to get to and no pushing or forcing.

As an ally of the LGBTQIA community, all folk who own a vagina are welcome in my space.


“Tantra is the hot blood of spiritual practice. It smashes the taboo against unreasonable happiness; a thunderbolt path: swift, joyful and fierce. There is no authentic Tantra without profound commitment, discipline, courage and a sense of wild, foolhardy, fearless abandon.”

– Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

The mention of Tantra often invokes a response of questions, curiosity and even caution. In simple terms, Tantra is not a religion, doctrine or cult, but is the path of awakening and transformation through the ordinary and through the senses.

It’s a practice that views every aspect of life as sacred, seeking to create union and harmony within and without through everyday ordinariness, thus removing the illusion of separation and the idea that spirituality is only for the advanced or the elite.

Tantric practices and rituals are world embracing rather than world denying, taking us into the core of our humanity and offering a vision of the whole of reality as an expression of free and blissful divine consciousness. These traditional principles of Tantra deeply inform my bodywork and erotic awakening offerings.


The journey includes the de-conditioning and re-programming of ourselves and who we think we are. The experience moves us toward seeking our truth on our own terms. It involves accepting the truth that our bodies have been built to experience pleasure, and lots of it! From here we can align with the fullness of who we are – physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually AND sexually/sensually. It’s a process of integrating the many parts of ourselves into one harmonious fusion of blissful, embodied awareness and living in the world from this place. The opportunity is to create a deeply loving, deeply in touch relationship with ourselves, others and the world.

Taking this journey through the body, with the use of conscious breath and sacred touch, is a powerful means of awakening ones own life force. Other names for this life force are: sexual energy, creative energy, prana, chi, cosmic consciousness and kundalini.

Awakening this energy has a profoundly healing effect, which can be both blissful and challenging. As we awaken, we may need to address parts of our selves or our lives that also require transformation, in order for us to move fully into our wholeness.

‘The Tantric yogi who can live married with children, have a completely ordinary life, but at the same time play with the world as an ornament of awareness, is really something. To recognise all appearance as the ornament of your own wisdom nature and to live in the bliss-mad realm of freedom where all perception is delight: That is the goal of Tantra. Awakening is your birthright. Accept your inheritance!’ 

Tantric Master, Prem Pranama



The essence of the doula is to be rather than to do. As a Mother myself, I am passionate about supporting you in the way that is right for YOU, a way that nurtures the strength, confidence and natural ability within you, so your birth can be the positive, life changing experience it’s meant to be. I have attended many different types of births, including water births at home and assisted hospital births. The support I offer is agenda free with my main focus being on helping you make the choices that best suit your needs.

During your pregnancy I would hope to establish a relationship by meeting with you and your partner/birth partner at least two or three times. During these meetings we can discuss your plans, anxieties and expectations. We can talk about your preparations for childbirth, such as workshops/antenatal classes, and if you wish we can do some preparation of our own together. If you have a birth plan we can go over this together so that I am able to become familiar with your needs and choices. Some women also find it cathartic to share past experiences of pregnancy and birth.

Current Offerings:

At present I’m unable to attend births, however I can help to empower both you and your birth partner to have the birth you desire through offering Birth Preparation Sessions.

During your pregnancy I would establish a connection and relationship by meeting with you and your partner/birth partner at least two or three times. During these meetings we can discuss your plans, hopes, anxieties and expectations. We can talk about your preparations for childbirth, such as workshops/antenatal classes, and we will do some preparation of our own together. If you have a birth plan we can go over this together so that I am able to become familiar with your needs and choices. Some women also find it supportive to share past experiences of pregnancy and birth.

I can also put you in touch with other birth support networks in your area such as Hypnobirthing or a Doula who can attend the birth with you.

After the birth I will come and visit you at home a few times to see how you’re all getting on. This is an opportunity to talk through the birth experience with someone who has been on this journey with you from the early stages. I’ll also share some breathwork and bodywork processes with you to support you through this delicate time. Most women find this an important part of completing the birth process. I can give you information on local postnatal support groups and activities if needed.


** Please make contact and we can create a plan that best suits your needs and budget.

For more information on birth doula support you can click on:



“Since beginning regular breathwork sessions with Karlyn, I have experienced significant changes in my emotions, behaviours and actions. As well as being a phenomenal experience every time, breathwork is the most effective tool I’ve found for exploring and releasing underlying problems. Every session is a pleasure, a challenge and a surprise, Karlyn is an excellent guide and support, a true magician”

PM Martin, Events Manager, Glasgow

“Dear Karlyn, Thank you so much for the breathwork session yesterday. You faciltated the session with such deep presence, grace and flow, I felt completely safe to be vulnerable and surrender to the experience. Today I’m feeling more relaxed, softer and more at peace with my recent challenges. I’ve already recommended you to a few friends and looking forward to continue the journey soon!”

Bonnie Bliss, Somatic Sexologist, NSW, Australia

Tantric Bodywork

“My tantric session was out of this world, a truly healing experience. Simply surrendering and receiving took me to places in myself I didn’t know existed. My life has changed in such positive ways and my health has also improved immensely”

D. Perry, Business Consultant, London

Conscious Birth

“Preparing for and birthing my baby has been the biggest event in my life so far. I was so glad Karlyn was there to help me make the decisions and choices I felt were best for me and my family. Learning the breathing techniques and trusting my body was what allowed me to have the birth I had dreamed of “

F. Cunningham, Hairdresser, Edinburgh

I acknowledge First Nations people as the Traditional Owners and sovereign custodians of the lands on which I work, play and live. I recognise their continuing connection to Country and their respective nations across this continent and pay my respects to their Elders past and present. I also celebrate the unique and inspiring creativity and songlines of the worlds oldest living culture.

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